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21.03.2024 Lindow

Implementing Approach-Bias Modification as Add-On to Varieties of Clinical Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorders: Results of a Multicenter RCT

In: European Addiction Research (DOI: 10.1159/000537811) 03/24

Schenkel E.J., Rinck M., Wiers R., Becker E., Mühlig S., Schöneck R., Lindenmeyer J.

05.06.2019 Lindow

Relapse Prevention in Abstinent Alcoholics by Cognitive Bias Modification: Clinical Effects of Combining Approach Bias Modification an Attention Bias Modification

In: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 86 (12), S. 1005-1016

Rinck M., Wiers R., Becker E., Lindenmeyer J.

16.06.2017 Lindow

"A clinical trial with combined transcranial direct current stimulation and alcohol approach bias retraining"

Addiction biology, 10.1111/adb.12463

Uyl T., Gladwin T., Rinck M., Lindenmeyer J., Wiers R.

16.06.2017 Lindow

Applying the "Cognitive Bias Modification" concept to smoking cessation

Sucht, 62 (6), S. 333-354

Mühlig S., Paulick J., Lindenmeyer J., Rinck M., Cina R., Wiers R.

24.02.2017 Lindow

Alcohol momograph priming in alcohol-dependent inpatients

2016, Sucht, 62, 217-224

Woud M.L., Gladwin T., Wiers R., Becker E., Rinck M., Lindenmeyer J., Salemink E.

31.12.2015 Lindow

Effects of cognitive bias modification training on neural signatures of alcohol approach-tendencies in male alcohol-dependent patients.

In: Addiction Biology, 20 (5), S. 990-999

Wiers R., Ludwig V., Gladwin T., Park S., Heinz A., Lindenmeyer J., Wiers R., Rinck M.

01.11.2014 Lindow

Implementation of Approach Bias Re-Training in Alcoholism - How Many Sessions are Needed?

In: Alcoholism Clinical and Experimental Research, 38, S. 587-594

Eberl C., Wiers R., Pawelcack S., Rinck M., Becker E., Lindenmeyer J.

31.10.2013 Lindow

Does Negative Affect Prime Alcohol-Dependent Inpatients? A Large-Scale Clinical Investigation of the Moderating role of Depression and Executive Control

In: Journal of Experimental Psychopathology, 4, S. 279-290

Woud M.L., Wiers R., Pawelcack S., Becker E., Lindenmeyer J., Rinck M.

31.05.2013 Lindow

Approach bias modification in alcohol dependence: Do clinical effects replicate and for whom does it work best?

In: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 4, S. 38-51

Eberl C., Wiers R., Pawelcack S., Rinck M., Becker E., Lindenmeyer J.

18.05.2011 Lindow

Re-training automatic action tendencies. Changes alcoholic patient's approach bias for alcohol and improves treatment outcome

Psychological science, 20, S. 1-8

Wiers R., Eberl C., Rinck M., Lindenmeyer J.